Sunday, November 9, 2008

Accidents Happen...

The night after I wrote my entry, I was out skating again when an accident happened to a fellow skater. Coming down on the last ramp, he slid out on an oil slick, and hit his head on the concrete with considerable force. None of us knew it at the time, and we all thought it was just another small accident that comes with the activity. But when we turned around to see if he was ok, all we saw was him lying there motionless. We ran to aid him up, but when we arrived were all shocked to see him stiffened up and eyes rolled back. He was unconcious for another 30 seconds before finally waking up. He had a hard time breathing and was sweating profusely. Then he started feeling nauseaus and then started vomiting. At this time were all worried that he might be more injured than he himself though. Then he began bleeding from the nose which pretty much confirmed that he was in fact, hurt really badly.

After finally convincing him that going to the hospital was the best thing to do, we drove him to the emergency room where he received a CT scan. By this time he was puking blood and shivering. Eventually his father arrived where he was updated on the situation, and how it happened. Finally, the doctor called him and his father in. When his father returned, we found out that it was really serious. Fracture at the base of his skull, and two concussions.

After writing the last entry, this was a huge reality check for me and all my skate buddies. Safety is now a priority as we're scrambling to purchase helmets and other equipment.

So its not all fun and games...

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Hi, I'm Minjoo : ) said...

Oh my.

I hope he's going to be okay. Dang, you guys better start wearing protection.