Friday, December 28, 2007


Sometimes I feel like the only true, ultimate purpose of girls, is to constantly play around with our feelings. One day they make you feel appreciated, the next, total trash. They play with your heart, then rip it out, and then put it back in. Some just tear you to pieces. Most just dont care about you and just use you. Wonderful world we live in guys.

Happy Holidays...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Costa Rica: Day 1

So this has been a pretty interesting trip so far. Arrived here about 9 am Costa Rica time, which is 10 am Miami time. Was pretty tired from the lack of sleep. But I was excited to start off my first day in San Jose.
First thing I noticed about San Jose was its remarkable resemblence to Taiwan. Although its a lot dirtier than Taiwan, but the cars, plants, and weather all seemed really familiar and deja vu like.
Our first day involved a city tour. We went to a couple of museums, a catholic church, and a gift shop that sold gold charms that were created to be like the ones made by the natives.
First thing I noticed was the complete lack of culture this country has. Most of it involves war and dictatorship. Some rebellions and the complete destruction of the native tribes...pretty much what the Spaniards did wherever they went.
Second thing was the crappy tourism of this city which has many tourist traps like restaurants and gift shops.
The tour I took almost seemed like it was meant to lead you into buying little gold figures of frogs. The tour basically ended at that location, which makes sense, but it was just so obvious that it almost seemed like a scheme to cheat you.
Another tourist trap was the restuarants. The hotel restaurant overcharged you on basically everything. The restaurant down the street over charges on Italian food, and opens up a bottle of water instead of just good ole water from the tap. Our dinner bill came out to almost $300 because instead of charging for how many appetizers we got, they charged us by the person, which made the total of 3 appetizers, equal to $100. Anyways, I stole the bottle of water we had and here I am, back at the hotel.

Anyways, more tomorrow.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Early Christmas Present!

So I've been saving up some money from work, and I decided to buy myself an early Christmas gift. Not going to say what it is, so I'm going to make it fun and have people guess from a picture.

So take your guesses. Amuse me a little hehe

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How Many 5 Year Olds can you take?


Heck mercy to little punks.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getan mit Schule!

Done with school! After a hard week of studying and test taking, today I have finished with Fall 2007. Bring on 2008!
Not much else to say except that I'm glad its done. Its been a good semester, and I'm hoping my grades show it.
On December 22nd I'll be heading to Costa Rica, and exploring some other countries in Central America for 6 days. Look forward to many pictures and adventures about treks into rain forests and volcanoes! Hopefully I don't fall into the volcano or get lost in the rain forest, so there will be an immediate post as soon as I return!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Gadget

After having the same phone for about 4 years, I finally made the mistake of drowning it in the laundry machine. The new pocket toy is a Sony Ericsson w580i. A nifty little phone with a lot of cool features.
First and foremost, its a phone. Well of course it is.

Secondly, its a mp3 player with an expansion port for Memory Stick Micro.
Although the phone comes with internal memory, it isn't exactly much. After only one song about 6 mb in size, the phone gave me the 'memory full' warning. So I am spending another $18 for a 1gb stick. Another neat feature is the fitness application. The phone can record statistics while your working out. Its main feature is a running and walking counter. It will record your lap time, distance, and average speed. I haven't tested out this feature yet since I've been a lazy bum, but we'll find out if it actually works. A neat feature nonetheless.
The package came with really
nice headphones, and even a wired controller so you can stop and play music without having to reach into your pocket.
There is also a neat light that you can change into different colors.

Overall I am pleased with this new phone. One gripe however is the fact that you can set the mp3 file it came with as a ringtone, but yet the mp3 files I transferred over
were not able to be set as a ringtone. Really odd. I suspect it has to do with the bit rate of the music file, but the downloaded program Sony recommended was not recognizing my device as being plugged in. Perhaps it will work with a memory stick in the expansion port. One more grip is that none of these programs were packaged with the phone, even though at the bottom of the box there are pictures that show a disc, and a booklet. I have the booklet, but where is the disk? Was there a packaging error, or was it not even supposed to be there? Anyways, its a new phone, so I will be fiddling with it for the next few weeks. Expect to see a long term review. This is not something I would be blogging about... but a new phone in 4 years is something to talk about! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

So I've been sick the last two weeks. Had this nasty cough that just wouldn't go away. It was finally Thanksgiving break though so I was glad to head home to see the family, and see my doctor. Turns out I had a upper respiratory infection. Nothing that a bit of antibiotics wouldn't cure.

Anyways, Thanksgiving dinner was of the norm. Same people that are usually there, give or take a few. The kids table seemed to be shrinking as one of the "kids" has a job now, and the other has a boyfriend. Her excuse was that she did not know if we were going to show up. I'm not one to break traditions but its a bit selfish of her to not show. Other than that it was a nice night. We had the usual turkey+Chinese food mix. Was pretty good to finally get some home cooked food in my belly. I've lost 10 lbs since the summer, which is extremely disappointing since I was at 140 lbs trying to get to 145 lbs. Now I'm at 130 lbs.

After a bit of drinking and Guitar Hero/ Wii (Still underage I know but a little didn't hurt anyone) we went Black Friday shopping at Toys R Us. To avoid the lines we went at a all time early of 1:00 am. Our goal was to get as many Microsoft Zunes as possible. Unfortunately for us, the few people in front of us had the same goals and we ended up with nothing in or hands. The rest of the weekend was just relaxing. Lots of eating and browsing for new cell phones.

After a long 3.5 hour drive in fog. I'm back in Orlando. On the final stretch of this semester. Two more weeks and its freedom. 4 more weeks and I'm going to Costa Rica with the family. I can't wait. Look forward to a lot of pictures of the rain forests and volcanoes.

Oh and I'm still trying to get used to this blog. Having some trouble with formatting but I'll get the hang of it soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Something New To Do

Well, I guess facebooking (yes its a verb now) doesn't take up enough of my time as it is. I came across my cousins' blogs and thought to myself, why not? I used to use back in Middle School, but eventually that got tiresome and a bit juvenile. I'm an adult now...going on to 21 in March. Time to turn over a new leaf. Plus I live in Orlando now, so this is a good chance for me to share with everyone my adventures.

Next post will be about my Thanksgiving weekend.

Thought might as well post a picture as well. The lovelier side of Miami.